Good News: The Trains are Not Going to Be Quite as Awful

When it comes to optimism, it’s hard to be optimistic if you take a train in the UK. Let’s be realistic for a moment – they’re awful.

But I was browsing around and I finally found some good train-related news. No, the Chinese are not about to take over and make them good. National Rail is putting its hand in its pocket and looking down the back of the sofa to finally invest in the trains. The railway upgrades are expected to cost National Rail £50 billion.

The good news is that we’re finally going to see less disruption, better trains, and maybe even faster trains in time. The bad news is we’re probably going to be paying for it with incredibly high price rises.

At least National Rail has seen sense and is going to do the bulk of this work during the Christmas period. It’ll be nice and quiet and nobody has to worry about getting to work. Although it sounds bad, this isn’t going to be the day where the whole rail network is going to shut down.

National Rail has done well by us this time and has arranged the work to really minimise disruption. I always tried to remain optimistic about National Rail and I’m cautious about them following through on that. But we’ll have to wait until next year for us to find out whether it was all worth it.

In all honesty, these upgrades are much needed and they may deliver that better service we’ve been waiting for. Just remember that although 95% of the network is going to be fine, it’s always wise to plan ahead.

The day you don’t plan ahead is the day your train is two hours late!