Farley in Writing Privacy Policy

I know privacy is important to you. These days we don’t have enough of it, and so I’m committed to making sure that you know what Farley in Writing does with information collected from users. This Privacy Policy shows how data is collected, stored, and disseminated. By visiting Farley in Writing, you agree with the terms presented in this Privacy Policy. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, I will use the rather impersonal term ‘User’ to describe anyone who visits this site.

How Farley Deals with Non-Personal Information 

Any non-personal information I collect is information that cannot be traced back to any specific User. By visiting Farley in Writing, information may be collected, such as the browser being used and the average length a User spends on a certain page. Non-personal information may be collated to create general snapshots of site usage and other important stats that I can use to improve the website.

How Farley Uses Cookies on the Site 

I use cookies and web technologies, like web beacons, for the purposes of collecting information. Cookies are placed on each User’s hard drive by their web browser. These cookies simply collect information from you and are assigned on a unique basis. They save your browsing preferences and information by telling your web browser when you’ve come back to a specific web page.

You have the option to decline the use cookies, but any interactive features I place on my website might be unavailable to you because of it.

How Does Farley Use Personal Information? 

Occasionally, I may collect certain personal information from you, with your permission. For example, I may save your name and email address if you decide to get in contact with me. This personal information is kept for my convenience in responding to my readers, but it is also used so I can make Farley in Writing an even better place to hang out and to enjoy.

I also sometimes combine personal information with non-personal information. This is known as de-identifying and then I treat the information in the same way as non-personal information because it can no longer be traced back to the individual User.

Does Farley Share Your Personal Information with Anyone Else? 

I never share the personal information of my readers with any third parties I don’t know without your permission. The only time I ever share personal information with others, again with your permission, is when I hire an outsider to do some work on my website. And even in those circumstances, I only ever share the information that’s required and no more. I do not authorise these parties to keep the information or share it with anyone else.

I also will never sell, rent, or exchange any personal information with a third party. The only time that Farley in Writing disseminates personal information is if I’m required to do so by a court order. Farley in Writing fully cooperates with law enforcement authorities, when required.

If the User shares any personal information with advertisers found on this Site, this Privacy Policy does not cover their usage of your non-personal and personal information. This Privacy Policy is only valid when browsing Farley in Writing.

How Does Farley Secure Your Personal Information? 

I do everything I can to keep the personal information I collect secure. I follow best practices when it comes to securing information. I rigorously screen who has access to personal information and it is assumed that all personal information should remain confidential, except in the situations outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information and Links/Public Discussions 

Any links I produce on this Site are there because I consider them to have some value to my readers. However, Farley in Writing is not responsible for the privacy policies in place on external websites. You should read their privacy policies so you’re aware of how they deal with your personal information.

Public discussions may be opened on Farley in Writing. Any information posted in these discussions will be available to the general public. You are advised not to post sensitive personal information. Farley in Writing does not take responsibility for how third-parties collect and use your personal information published within public discussions.

Changes to this Privacy Policy 

I reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes made to the Privacy Policy will be available on this page. By continuing to browse the site, you agree with any changes to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any aspect of this Privacy Policy, you are advised to cease using Farley in Writing.

If you have any questions about the content of this Privacy Policy, contact me via the contact page on this website for further clarification.

Thanks for your time.