Who is Farley?

So you want to know more about who Farley is?

Then I can only do so much as oblige your request. Farley is just one of many voices on the internet screaming into the wind. Or I was screaming for a while. Quite frankly I believed it accomplished nothing and so I decided to try to change things. It’s a sad world we live in when the optimist and the upbeat voice is considered something strange.

And yet here we are.

I started Farley in Writing because I believe that it’s time to change the tone we experience online. Look, I’m just an ordinary guy like anyone else. I work a normal 9-5 job that I don’t particularly enjoy (I wanted to be an astronaut). I have a family I cherish and I spend far too much time browsing social media.

My motivations for starting Farley in Writing were never about becoming internet famous or garnering a following. When I first started this website, I didn’t care about making money from my writings, or even caring about whether anyone other than my good lady wife read my ramblings. I just wanted to add something that was more optimistic than most of the content we read online.

So is this just some personal blog that I wanted to create to pass the time during my lunch hour at the office?

It started out as that. But then I decided that I wanted to go further than that. I really wanted to alter the dialogue that we have online. That’s why I opened the floor to my readership. It’s why much of my content actually comes from reader suggestions and little titbits that my readers send me (cute cat videos not withstanding).

But why now?

Okay, okay, you’re pushing me for a real answer. Of course you are. You want to know why you should read my writings over those of others. I can’t really answer that because, as I said, I’m just a normal guy with a computer.

For me, if you look at the news in the last couple of years things have only become more depressing. Sure, we had wars and tragedies all across the world before, but something has changed. Politics has become more brutal and every tragedy becomes an opportunity for people to tear each other apart.

I don’t know what’s changed. Is it us or is it just more people deciding to use the internet? I try to answer such questions every day (which I constantly fail at).

And so I want to take out some of the stress from our lives. I want to do what others don’t. I’m not here to write about my political opinions and I’m certainly not going to start commenting on US policy in the Middle East or the current state of the healthcare system.

What you can expect from Farley in Writing is optimistic, calm, and stress-free writings that you can sit back and enjoy a cold drink with.

That’s my story and that’s the story of Farley in Writing, so please enjoy and let’s make the internet a little better!