When is a Writer is Not a Writer?

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I was getting along with business as usual when an email popped into my email client. I opened it up to discover that someone was enquiring whether I was an article writer. Apparently, he wanted to hire me to write some articles for his site.

I queried why he thought I might be (I assume) a professional article writer. His response, when it arrived, was that my blog’s name is Farley in Writing. He presumed that because the title included the word ‘writing’ that I was an article writer.

Now, I must admit to having been in the business of article writing in the dim and distant past (and we are talking about over a decade ago here), but I haven’t written ‘in that way’ for donkey’s years. Anyway, I politely told him that I wasn’t an article writer in that sense and sent him on his way.

I got to thinking though: how on earth did he find my blog in relation to article writing? It’s not as though my blog ranks anywhere in the top 100 search ranking positions in Google for the term. Very odd. I even tried searching myself using a variety of article writing-related keywords but gave up after 20 minutes of fruitless searches.

The funny thing about the whole scenario is that I have actually utilised article writing services before for another website that I used to run (I have included the link on the off chance that any of my readers are looking for a decent service). But that was quite a while back as well.

It got me thinking though, so I decided to brush up on my knowledge on the current state of the content marketing industry. Having not delved into this before, boy was I surprised. Did you know there is a massive sector online devoted to content marketing? Amazing.

Even more astonishing to me is the actual sub-sectors of the industry. I came across services for blog posting, white paper creation, case study writing, writing for Google ads, and even more specific things such as writing for restaurants and writing for solicitors!

I am going to find out more about this magic ‘content marketing’ thing. Who knows – maybe 2018 will bring a new direction for Farley in Writing 😉

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